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Undesirable behaviour, such as (sexual) intimidation, aggression (psychological or physical), violence, discrimination or bullying, affects a person's integrity. It takes away a person's pleasure in their job. In the worst cases it can even make people change jobs or render them unfit for work. CNV Trade Union Federation will absolutely not tolerate undesirable behaviour, because such behaviour does not fit the character and identity of CNV Trade Union Federation. 

CNV Trade Union Federation aims to prevent such cases instead of penalising them after the event. That is why CNV Trade Union Federation seeks to define its policy with regard to undesirable behaviour, not least as an instrument for prevention, by establishing a confidential adviser, setting up a Complaints Committee and laying down the complaints procedure.

All forms of undesirable behaviour addressed in this code of conduct are work-related. This does not mean that the undesirable behaviour must actually have taken place on the premises of CNV Trade Union Federation. Behaviour elsewhere that can be shown to be related to work with CNV Trade Union Federation is also covered by this code of conduct. 

The CNV Complaints Regulations and procedure for the prevention of undesirable behaviour: 


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